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At Aquastone Landscaping we offer the following services:

Our Services

Landscape Design: the best landscapes always start with the best landscape designs. We use the latest landscape design software to ensure that you get the best possible results for your property! Read More >>

Landscape Installation: we provide our clients with a full range of landscape installation services. This covers both the hardscape features like patios and retaining walls. As well as the softscape features like trees and plantings. Read More >>

Arbors: Our teams of contractors have created some of the most beautiful arbors in the State. They have all the experience and knowledge needed to build you an arbor that will enhance the look of your outdoors! Read More >>

Our Services

Lawns & Artificial Turf: we can suggest a number of methods and techniques of achieving a new healthy looking lawn. This may be with the use of sod, hydroseeding or artificial turf? The choice is yours and we will provide you with all the information for to make the right decision for your property. Read More >>

Sprinklers & Irrigation: seeking the help of a professional company for the installation of your sprinkler or irrigation system is the only way to go. We ensure that your system is right for your property and its watering needs. Read More >>

Our Services

Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains: looking for a feature that will add aesthetic appeal and tranquility to your landscapes? Then perhaps the addition of a waterfall, pond or fountain is what you have been looking for? Read More >>

Outdoor Kitchens, BBQ’s: it is no wonder that the addition of outdoor kitchens and BBQ’s has become one of the most popular installations in the last few years. And it’s because as homeowners we are getting the most out of our properties and that includes our outdoor areas. Read More >>

Our Services

Pavers: at Aquastone Landscaping we believe that pavers are the best material for your patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks and pool surrounds. Pavers are versatile, durable and the design options are endless! Read More >>

Retaining Walls: we use only the best quality materials to construct retaining walls. Our contractors have all the knowledge of local building standards and codes to ensure that your walls are structurally sound! Read More >>

Custom Masonry: if you would like a custom masonry installation for your residential or commercial property then contact us today. Our masonry experts have years of experience and are known for their top shelf craftsmanship. Read More >>

Our Services

Outdoor Fireplaces: let us add some warmth to your outdoor living space with the addition of an outdoor fireplace. You will be able to enjoy the outdoors in those cooler months of the year as well. Read More >>

Outdoor Fire Pits: another way to enjoy some cozy evening outdoors in autumn and winter is with an outdoor fire pit. We can come up with a custom design or install a premade fire pit for you! Read More >>

Pergolas & Gazebos: we can create some of the most amazing iron and wood structures for your property also. This may be in the form of a pergola or gazebo? Talk to one of our friendly team members today and we will get you started! Read More >>

Our Services

Fencing: when it comes to fencing the teams at Aquastone Landscaping are the experts! We can custom design and install a wide range of fencing styles for a variety of applications. Read More >>

Decks & Patios: if you are in the market for a new deck or patio then you have come to the right place. Our contractors have many years of experience in creating some of the best looking and most durable decks and patios in the State of Washington! Read More >>

Outdoor Lighting: we believe that the addition of outdoor lighting to your landscape setting will not only enhance the visual appeal at night time. But it will also give you added security and safety. Read More >>

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