Landscaping is a lot about using various elements and features in the right balance to create a unique and attractive look for your property. In this respect, homeowners add decks, patios, poolscapes, pergolas and arbors to the landscaping. The latter are increasingly being used to cover entranceways, pathways and walkways as well as various seating areas in the garden or yard.

What is an Arbor?

An arbor is a free-standing structure with supports on every side and on the top (lattices). This structure should not be confused with a pergola which generally has a fully-covered roof that is supported by posts. An arbor offers a bit of shade but is largely open to the air. Once it has vines and creepers growing on it, the area under it becomes very cool and shaded but does not offer protection from the elements.

This structure can be built over an entranceway to a garden and can also be built above a deck or patio for a very unique look. Aquastone Landscaping can help with design and installation of all types of outdoor features including arbors. Customers in and around Olympia, come to us with their landscaping requirements as they know we will provide them with high grade products, installed to perfection.


  • Based on the size and spread of the landscaping, you can choose to have complementing arbors installed on your property. Placing these strategically in the landscaping adds perspective to the place and provides a certain amount of shade too
  • An arbor can also be used inside a butterfly garden
  • Large arbors can be installed over driveways and attract a person’s attention to the entranceway. If you like a more well-demarcated space under the arbor, low-lying foliage can be grown along the edges
  • It acts as a perfect entrance to a patio or flower garden or even a children’s play area
  • You can also use an arbor in combination with a picket fence for a country feel. it’s also a great way of outlining the boundaries in that space
  • Using wide arbors just above the front entry creates a very smooth transition between the house and walkways
  • If the arbors are large enough, you can also place some benches along the sides

Value Addition


As you can see, arbors can be used in a number of different ways to create the look you want. It makes outdoor areas more aesthetically appealing and usable and is a definite value-add to your home. We can provide you with the kind of arbors you want. Over the years, we have served hundreds of customers across Tumwater, Lacey, Olympia, Shelton and the Greater Puget Sound.

Expert Services

We are the preferred landscaping specialists in the region and provide custom solutions at very cost-effective price points. Every job we take up is handled with the highest levels of expertise and we have the ability to provide custom designed arbors that are made to your specification. For more information about our services, call Aquastone Landscaping on 360-754-9835. You can use this online form to contact us.

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