Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Some properties in & around Olympia have graded land. In many ways, these properties provide scope for some stunning landscaping ideas because they have natural slopes or steps. However if there is a slope at a spot where you need a driveway installed or want a flower bed built, the grading can be a disadvantage. The one way of getting over this problem is to level the areas as required and then construct retaining walls to support the slope. This becomes a great way of using the available area in a functional manner without disturbing the layout of the land in a big way.

Functional Structures

Though this solution sounds simple enough, if retaining walls have to serve the purpose they have been built for; they have to be engineered to perfection. We at Aquastone Landscapes have been installing high quality landscapes for customers across the region and are the preferred contractors for all types of big and small landscaping projects. Some land is also prone to erosion and over a period of time, this erosion leads to a mud slides. If you do not get retaining walls constructed at these spots, it can cause a lot of damage to the landscaping as well as the structure of your home.

Types of Walls

We are the landscaping experts who handle all types of landscaping jobs and have the expertise to build retaining walls that will provide the right support to your landscape. Once the area has been surveyed and we will then identify which spots need these walls. Some areas will automatically become more functional when these are added and they will lend stability to your landscape. There are different types of retaining walls such as gravity walls, cantilevered walls and piling walls. The ones we build will be based on the spot they have to be constructed on.

The Benefits

Retaining Walls

In addition, we take great care with choosing the right materials and ensure that these match the rest of the landscaping and the look of your property. There are some distinct benefits to adding retaining walls to your property:

  • They are a value-addition and help in demarcating spaces in a better way
  • They can serve a dual purpose as seats can be built into half height walls
  • They make the landscaping stable
  • Stop soil erosion
  • Add to the aesthetics and value of your property

High Grade Retaining Walls

When we handle any landscaping job including building of retaining walls, you are assured that the best materials will be used, that skilled personnel will handle the installation and that the work will be completed within the stipulated time frame and within the pre-decided budget. We adopt a highly-focused approach to any job we take up and you have peace of mind that expert professionals are managing the project for you. If you need retaining walls built on your property in Tumwater, Lacey, Olympia, Shelton and the Greater Puget Sound, call Aquastone Landscaping on 360-754-9835 with your requirement. Alternatively, contact us on via this online form.

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